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For over 30 years, Pillar has been a world leader in the development of spokes. With specialized production facilities in Taiwan closely linked to its own research and development facilities, Pillar is today the first choice for spokes and nipples from the most renowned manufacturers in the bicycle industry.

Pillar holds countless patents on the technologies and products that have been developed over the years, and these reliably find their way to our customers all over the world through the spokes and nipples. Continuous research and development in materials and processes will continue to ensure that Pillar continues to meet the highest industry standards.

Find out here which spoke is the right one for your wheel!

We are official distributor of Pillar Racing Spokes

We are able to deliver the full product range promptly. Our spoke stock includes over 50000 spokes in every length! The aim of Protens is to enable you to build better wheels!

Technical developments in the field of wheels require new spokes. A 0.9x2, 2mm, flat knife spoke cannot be used without restriction in disc-braked wheels. A torque is transferred from the hub to the rim during braking and this can only be achieved by material cross section. For most applications, 0.9mm spoke cross section is simply not sufficient and the spoke can be permanently plastic deformed and, in the worst case, break!

This is exactly where the Wing Spoke comes in!

Cross sections from 1,2mm -1,5mm
Weights from 4,3g -5,7g (260mm)
Excellent aerodynamics!
Cold drawn Sandivk 302+ steel

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