G 30

XC-Wheelset. Worldclass.


The next Generation's Key Number

A wider tyre provides more grip with less rolling resistance and at the same time increased safety against punctures!

The specifications for the rim development included, in addition to a real 30mm rim width, full compatibility for internal nipples, highest stiffness and UCI impact test values and a low weight without compromising on the hardest XC riding styles. The rim profile is based on the flange spacing of the world's leading hub manufacturers and therefore enables superior stiffness!

G30 is rather designed as a modular wheel system equipped with the best hub sets which confidently passes other systems in its class in all riding situations. Without exception!

The Rim


355g - 30mm inner width - 25mm profile height - 35,6mm outer width 

Data that speaks for itself but still does not reveal all the capabilities of the rim. Due to the organic form, avoiding tight radii, the carbon fibre composite can develop its full strength. Furthermore, the 13mm inner height allows the use of internal nipples, which also ensure a further optimized power flow from the spoke to the rim. This effectively reduces flex in the wheel system.

Manufacturing process

During the curing process, a self-expanding polystyrene foam is used to press the carbon fibre from the inside against the vacuum mould form and, in contrast to the conventional manufacturing process with an air bag, it is possible to produce almost wrinkle-free, optimally compacted carbon composites with the lowest resin content and the highest possible fibre content per unit volume.

The load-bearing layer structure, taking into account the mechanical properties of these fibres, makes it possible to produce the G30 rim.

The Hubs

Different requirements of the athlete can only be realized in wheel building with different hub types. The choice between a Set&Forget solution, a finely adjustable bearing clearance, the freewheel technology and engagement, the hyper-light version, the materials used for the mechanics, the number of spokes and the choice of colour allows the ideal wheel set to be designed for the athlete.

However, all variants have one thing in common: outstanding performance, perfect, time-consuming assembly quality, done exclusively by hand delivering absolutely homogeneous spoke tension which no wheel building robot can even come close to achieving.




  • Rimtype:                     TLR Clincher
  • Material:                      T700SC / T800SC
  • Weight:                        350g-360g 
  • Inner Width:               30mm
  • Outer Width:              35.6mm
  • Height:                          25mm
  • Spokecount:              24h-36h
  • Nipple:                          Intern
  • UCI Impact Test:      98 Joule
  • Spoketension:          1200N
  • Max. Sys.-Weight:   115kg


G30 EXTRALITE Hyper R+       ab 1177g

G30 DT180 EXP 2020 SP          ab 1294g

G30 DT240 EXP 2020 SP          ab 1347g


G30 TRAILMECH XC                   ab 1454g

G30 INDUSTRY9 Hydra             ab 1455g

G30 INDUSTRY9 1/1 MTN        ab 1464g

G30 HOPE Pro 4                            ab 1508g

G30 CHRIS KING Iso                    ab 1517g

G30   by Comparison

The spoke tension of all spokes in the rear wheel

Here, the calculated and unambiguously determined total added spoke tension in the boost rear wheel is shown. All 30mm XC wheelsets available on the market were examined. To calculate the values, the hub and rim geometry and the number of spokes published by the respective manufacturer were used.

In general, a high spoke tension is considered to increase the efficiency of traction spoke wheels.

Average spoke tension

Here is the average spoke tension per spoke in the boost rear wheel, which has been calculated and unambiguously determined

 Rear wheels are much more heavily loaded than front wheels and therefore make more sense as a study object. This is where the greatest energy conversion by far takes place.


  • Only Boost rear wheels calculated!
  • 1200N spoke tension on drive side assumed.
  • Tune: 1100N spoke tension as this is the maximum tension of the hub used.
  • Explicitly not taken into account is the type of spoke used and the weight of the examined wheel as well as manufacturing quality.
  • Those table show objective values, which are very helpful for the evaluation of the characteristics of the wheel, but in any cas,e are unsuitable as the sole measure.
  • 1000N = weight force of the mass 102 kg
  • 10kN = 10000N = weight force of the mass 1020 kg (1.02t)

Order process

All wheel sets are basically custom-made especially for the athlete's needs.

This is the only way to produce the optimal wheelset and to provide the full riding experience. 

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